A Fairy Princess Has Been Here

I am Jamie. Jamie Preston. I am seven years old. A fairy princess is in my house.

How do I know a fairy princess is in my house? There’s sparkle dust over there on the floor.

Fairy princesses leave sparkle dust everywhere.


There’s also purple lipstick on this table. Only fairy princesses wear purple lipstick.

And look! The fairy princess wrote a note.... just for me! She even used sparkly purple ink!

It says: “Dear Jamie, I love you and don’t ever forget it! F.P.” F.P. must mean Fairy Princess!


In the kitchen, there’s a pretty teacup on the table. It has purple lipstick on it.

That’s proof that a fairy princess has been here. She sipped a cup of fairy tea in my kitchen!


On the same table there’s an open box. It’s full of pictures and says “My Prince” on the top.

She was here, looking for her prince!


In the garage, I don’t see a carriage but there is a horse!

Oh, wait. It’s just the rocking horse that I had when I was three.


Now I’m in the powder room. That’s a fancy name for the bathroom.

On the counter there’s a box full of fairy dust.

I guess fairy princesses like to smell nice, too.


In the den I find another clue. It’s the fairy princess’s purple pen. The one that writes with sparkly purple ink.

“Jamie! JAMIE!”

Hey. Someone is calling my name!

“Jamie. Where are you, Jamie?”


My mom is calling me. I run down the hall and go into Mom and Dad’s bedroom.

Oh! Mom is dressed in the most beautiful ball gown I’ve ever seen. She’s wearing purple lipstick and silver slippers. Her skin is sparkly.


“Mom, you look so pretty!” I say. “You look just like a fairy princess!”

My mom’s name is Fiona. Fiona Preston.

Oh, now I know! Her initials are F.P. She wrote the note! She drank the fairy tea. And she looked at the pictures in the kitchen.


“Mom,” I say. “Are you playing dress up?”

She laughs and shakes her head. “No dear, I am not playing dress up!” she says. “Your dad and I have been married for ten years today. We’re going out for the evening, and you have a sitter.”


I look at my mom again. Yes, she is a fairy princess. She’s my dad’s fairy princess!

“Have fun, Mom,” I say. “And don’t stay out too late with the prince.”

She winks at me and walks out to the living room. She gives dad a big purple kiss!


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 340
Word Count 427

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