An Armful of Acorns

Deep in the forest there was a big oak tree. Its branches were filled with fat acorns.

Filbert Squirrel thought they were the best acorns ever.

One day, Filbert and his friends went to the tree to collect acorns. The other squirrels each picked two acorns. Filbert was greedy. He collected twelve acorns.

“You can’t carry all of those, Filbert,” said his friend, Hazel. Filbert didn’t listen to her.

The squirrels went back to their own trees after collecting the acorns. Filbert’s stack of acorns was so high that it blocked his view.

He bumped into a mama bird and knocked a worm from her beak. It fell to the forest floor and wiggled away.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 610
Word Count 400

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