Bounce's Big Race

Grandpa woke Bounce up early. “Don’t you remember what day it is?” Grandpa asked.

Bounce’s eyes popped open. He smiled. “It’s race day!” he yelled.


Bounce hopped out of bed and got dressed.

“Oink, squeal, squeak!” Pogi snorted.

Bounce patted his pet pig on the head. “Of course I’ll be careful!” he said. Pogi always worried when Bounce went flying.


Bounce ran outside to his sky streaker. He checked his fuel and tightened a few bolts. He wanted to be ready for the big race.

Then he hopped on and glided to the starting line. He was proud to be flying for Grandpa’s company, Admiral Delivery.


He groaned when he saw Skyla on her streaker. She was a mechanic from The Fuel Stop.

If anyone could beat him it would be Skyla.

“So, you’re in the race too, huh?” he asked.

“Sure am,” Skyla said. “And I plan to win!”


Farther down the starting line, a couple of Gremmies sat on their streakers. Stinky smoke sputtered from their flyers.

Nimrod, the Gremmie’s leader, sneared at Bounce.


An official waved a green flag. The racers were off!

Bounce rocketed into the air.


Bounce quickly got ahead of the other racers. He sped around the floating islands, dodging mountains and zooming through tunnels.

Only Skyla and Nimrod were good enough to keep up.


Out of nowhere, Nimrod sped over Bounce’s head. “Watch it!” Bounce called as he ducked.

Then Nimrod fired a blob of sludge at Bounce. It dripped green ooze across the sky.

“Oh no!” Bounce cried.


Bounce turned sharply to avoid being hit. The sludge bounced off his wing and smacked right into Skyla’s streaker!

Her engine sputtered and started to smoke.

She was going to crash!


Bounce pulled up beside Skyla and yelled, “Jump!”

Just before her streaker crashed, Skyla jumped onto Bounce’s streaker. She was safe, but she was angry.


“You ruined my streaker!” Skyla said.

“It wasn’t my fault!” Bounce argued. “The Gremmies cheated and fired sludge at me!”

Bounce’s streaker began to lose speed. The broken wing was slowing him down. “I might be finished, too!” Bounce said.


“I can fix it,” Skyla said, opening her tool bag. “I’d rather you win than one of those cheating Gremmies!”

Skyla bravely climbed out onto the wing. The strong wind almost knocked her off, but she held on. Then Skyla went to work fixing the wing.


“Good as new!” Skyla called a minute later. “In fact, even better than new! Let’s win this race!”

“You got it!” Bounce said, and the streaker flashed across the sky like a comet.

They were catching up, but the Gremmies were almost at the finish line.


Bounce pushed the controls forward. They whipped past the Gremmies, zooming across the finish line.

Bounce and Skyla had won the race.


Grandpa and Pogi met Bounce at the finish line.

“Great job, guys!” Grandpa said.

“Oink, squeal, squeak!” Pogi snorted.


“Way to go, Bounce,” Skyla said.

“I couldn’t have done it without you!” Bounce said. “We make a great team.”

Bounce was now the fastest flyer in SkyPort One. With his new mechanic Skyla, he knew the Admiral Delivery team would never be beat!


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 500
Word Count 529

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