Bremen Town Musicians

A donkey named Benny lived on a small farm. He worked for a mean farmer.

One hot day, Benny saw the farmer drinking a cold glass of lemonade in the shade. Poor Benny was suffering in the hot sun.

Benny was angry. He jumped over the fence. He wanted to start a new life as a musician in Bremen Town.

Clip-clop! clip-clop! Benny walked and dreamed about his new life in the big city.

Benny passed a lost and lonely dog. “Come with me to Bremen!” said Benny. “We will be musicians. I will play the harmonica. You can play the drums!”

“Great!” said the dog. “My name is Champ.”

Clip-clop! Clip-clop! Woof! Woof! Benny and Champ walked toward Bremen Town.

They passed an old shed. They heard a sad cry. Inside the shed they saw a fluffy cat.

“What is the matter?” asked Benny.

“My owner left me here,” said the cat. “I am scared and lonely.”

“We are going to Bremen to be famous musicians!” said Champ. “You can come with us and play the guitar.”

“My name is Sonia,” the cat said. “Let’s go!”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 430
Word Count 640
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