Once there was a girl named Cinderella. She lived with her mean stepmother and two very mean stepsisters.

Cinderella dressed in rags. She worked all day long. She scrubbed the floors, cooked the meals, and washed the clothes. The others wore fancy gowns and didn’t do any work.


One day, the king’s palace announced that everyone in the kingdom was invited to a grand ball. The prince planned to choose a wife from the maidens who were there.

Cinderella wanted more than anything to wear a beautiful dress and go to the ball.


The stepsisters laughed at Cinderella. “And what will you wear to the ball?” said one.

“She can use a mop for a wig, and cobwebs for her ribbons!” said the other.

Cinderella knew they were right. She didn’t have anything nice to wear.


That night, the sisters left for the ball. Cinderella sat in the garden and cried.

“Don’t cry, Cinderella,” said a kind voice. “I’m your fairy godmother. I’ll make sure you’re the most beautiful girl at the ball.”

Cinderella was so happy to hear those words. “But how?” she asked.


The fairy godmother told Cinderella to get three things. The mice from the traps in the attic. The rat from the trap in the hall. And a big pumpkin from the field.

Cinderella quickly collected everything her fairy godmother asked for.


The fairy godmother waved her wand. Suddenly, the six mice turned into strong white stallions with bridles made of rubies and emeralds.

The rat became a gallant coachman. The pumpkin turned into a shining coach that sparkled brighter than the stars.


Then the fairy godmother touched her wand to Cinderella’s clothing. Her dress of rags became a beautiful lavender ball gown. It was covered with diamonds and pearls.

Finally, the fairy godmother gave Cinderella a pair of glass slippers.


“You’re ready for the ball now,” said the fairy godmother. “But you have to leave before midnight. That’s when the spell will end.”

“I’ll be sure to leave by then,” said Cinderella. She was breathless with excitement. She climbed into the coach and hurried toward the castle.


Music and laughter filled the castle. When Cinderella entered, a hush fell across the ballroom. No one knew the beautiful maiden in the sparkling gown. She was stunning.

The prince walked over to Cinderella and held out his hand. For the rest of the night, the two danced and talked and fell in love.


Finally, the clock struck midnight.

“Oh! I must go,” Cinderella cried. She ran down the stairs and climbed into the coach. As she rushed away, she left one of her glass slippers behind on the ground.

The prince picked up the slipper and watched as the coach drove out of sight.


The next morning, the prince was troubled. He did not know how to find his fair maiden.

“I do not know her name,” said the prince, “but I have her slipper!”

He sent his squire to find the girl whose foot fit into the tiny glass shoe.


The squire went from house to house. He finally knocked on Cinderella’s door. The first stepsister shoved her foot into the slipper. It wouldn’t fit. The second sister squeezed hard. Her foot was too big.

“May I try?” asked Cinderella. The sisters laughed, but the squire nodded. Every maiden was to try on the special shoe.


Cinderella sat before the squire. She slipped her foot into the glass slipper. It was a perfect fit! She pulled the second slipper out of her apron pocket.

The two sisters stared. The squire smiled. He had found the prince’s true love!


The entire kingdom celebrated the news. Soon Cinderella and the prince were married.

Cinderella never again wore rags or scrubbed floors. She lived happily ever after.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 510
Word Count 628

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