Claude's Big Adventure

Claude is mad. “Aw, mom! I don’t wanna clean my room!”


Grandma quietly calls Claude over to her chair.

“When I don’t want to do something,” she says, “I try to imagine that it will be an adventure.” Her eyes twinkle.


Claude peeks into his room.

He can’t figure out how cleaning his room could be an adventure.


Suddenly, something moves.

Those aren’t balls of dust in the corner— they are gremlins. And they are charging toward him! Claude holds up his giant sword. He forces them into a deep pit.

He is a hero!


Books are scattered everywhere!

Claude uses the books to create a city on his shelves. One of Claude’s buildings is the TALLEST in the whole world!

He is a builder!


There are unknown insects and plants hidden deep in the jungle.

Claude knows he must go into the jungle and find these new types of bugs.

He is a scientist!


Claude begins to climb. He wants to be the first to reach the top of this huge mountain.

He climbs and climbs. Not even the heavy snow can stop him!

He is a mountain climber!


A hurricane is coming! The animals on his giant boat aren’t safe.

Waves crash all around him. Claude takes the animals into a dry cabin on the boat. He saves them from the storm. He then steers the ship to safety.

He is a ship’s captain.


“Wow!” Claude thinks to himself. “That didn’t take long at all!”


Mom and Grandma come to look. “Great job with your room, Claude!” says Mom. “I didn’t hear you complain once!”

“Nope, not once,” Claude says. He gives Grandma a big smile. “I was busy having really big adventures!”


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 390
Word Count 272

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