Emma’s Pink and Purple Fluffy Afternoon

Emma wished and wished it would snow.

She looked out her window. She could not believe her eyes. Her wish had come true!


The ground was full of snow! But, it was not white snow.

It was a rainbow of fluffy, puffy, pink and purple snow!

Pink and purple were Emma’s favorite colors.


Emma got into her purple coat. She buttoned it up tight.

“Purple snow!” Emma cheered.

She put on her big pink boots, pink hat, and pink gloves.


She opened her door and walked outside. It was amazing!

Mountains of snow were everywhere. The front yard was a fluffy, puffy pink and purple snowy playground!


Emma stuck out her tongue. A bright pink snowflake landed on it. It tasted like strawberries!

Emma grabbed a handful of fluffy pink snow. She tasted it.

“Bubble gum!” she said.


Emma ran to the backyard. It was covered in puffy purple snow. It tasted like grape cotton candy.

“Wow!” Emma said.


Emma played and played in her fluffy, puffy pink and purple snowy playground.

She threw snow in the air.

She made snowballs. She tasted every snowball before she threw it.


Then she made a snowman. Each part of the snowman tasted different.

She couldn’t help herself. She ate even more.


Then Emma had an idea.

She went inside. She got a bowl, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and a spoon.

She went back outside.


Emma put a big scoop of snow into her bowl.

She put chocolate chips on top of the snow. Then she added whipped cream. She took a big bite!

It was a fluffy, puffy pink and purple Sundae! It tasted so good!


Emma lay down in the puffy purple snow. She wanted to make a snow angel. But she was so tired and her belly was full.

“I’ll make a snow angel when I wake up,” she said.

She drifted off to sleep.


When she awoke, Emma was buried in snow.

She had to eat and eat and eat until she saw the afternoon sun peaking through... her bedroom window?


Emma wiped her eyes. She wiped them again.
Mommy walked in.

“Mommy, Mommy, I had the best dream!” Emma said.

“Well, come to the kitchen and tell me all about it,” said Mommy. “I made you a snack.”


“I am too full,” said Emma.

Mommy was surprised. “How can you be too full?” Mommy asked.

Emma told Mommy all about her wonderful fluffy, puffy pink and purple afternoon!


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 380
Word Count 410

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