Apollo and the Sun Chariot

Young Phaethon lived with his mother. His father, the sun god Apollo, lived far away.

One day, Phaethon traveled to the Palace of the Sun to meet his father.

“Father,” Phaethon said. “I want to be a god, just like you.”

“Son,” Apollo said. “Being a god is not easy. But I can see that you are eager. So I will grant you one wish.”

“I wish to drive your Sun Chariot across the sky,” Phaethon said.

“That is much too dangerous,” Apollo said. “The horses are very powerful. They breathe fire. The chariot itself is red hot.”

“You said anything I wish,” Phaethon insisted.

Apollo had given his word. He sighed, “As you wish, my son.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 430
Word Count 532

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