Ashipattle and the Giant Sea Monster

Long ago, a giant monster known as the Meester Stoor Worm rose out of the sea.

It was said that the Stoor Worm’s body stretched halfway around the world. That its one eye was as red as fire. That its breath was poison to all living things.

Every day it moved closer to Scotland.

The king of Scotland asked the sorcerer for help.

“You must give your only daughter, Princess Gemlovely, to the Stoor Worm,” said the sorcerer. “Only then will it leave.”

The king went pale. Princess Gemlovely was kind, gentle, and loved by everyone.

“Is that the only way to save my people?” the king asked.

“It is the only way,” the sorcerer said.

The king knew the sorcerer was serious. But he wasn’t ready to give up yet.

The king sent a message to all of Scotland: The man who can kill the Meester Stoor Worm will get half of the kingdom and Princess Gemlovely as his bride.

The king was excited when thirty-six men came forward.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 630
Word Count 542
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