Ashipattle and the Sorcerer's Revenge

The evil sorcerer climbed Iceland’s biggest volcano. His plan to become King of Scotland had been ruined by the peasant Ashipattle.

But the sorcerer would get his revenge.

When Ashipattle destroyed the sea monster, Meester Stoor Worm, the monster’s body, had become the country of Iceland.

Its burning heart fueled the volcanoes that raged across the island.

The sorcerer would control this power and use it to become King!

At the edge of the largest volcano, the sorcerer cast his spell. The lava bubbled. Bursts of flame shot into the air.

Throughout Scotland, fire rained from the sky. Even the bravest men ran for cover.

Ashipattle was with Queen Gemlovely when a guard came running.

“The sorcerer is launching fireballs at the countryside from the volcanoes in Iceland!” he cried. “We need your help!”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 600
Word Count 446
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