Asuka Ninja Warrior

The minute Asuka stepped into the small mountain town, it felt familiar. “It’s like I’ve been here before,” she said to herself.

That didn’t make any sense. Asuka had been an orphan. She was raised in the hills by a ninja warrior. She hadn’t known any other life.

Although the buildings and smells tickled her memories, the people did not. They looked tired and scared. They kept their heads down as they walked through the streets. When she spoke, no one answered.

“What’s going on here?” Asuka asked aloud.

Asuka spotted a small inn and went inside. She asked the owner, “What’s wrong with everyone in town?”

The owner looked from side to side. “This is a bad town. Leave while you can!” He shook his head. “Our ruler is an evil man. And lately, a ghost has started to haunt us!”

“Listen to the man, and leave while you can,” said an ogre of a man at the next table. “Our troubles are not your concern.”

Asuka’s foster father had been a ninja legend. He taught her to stand up to bullies. And this ogre-man looked like a very big bully. Asuka said, “I’m a ninja. I’ll stay as long as I want.”

The ogre-man leaned forward and narrowed his eyes. Then, with an evil smile, he said, “Why don’t you go to the crypt and confront the ghost? That’s a good way to help the town.”

“I will,” Asuka said. The ogre-man laughed. He pointed the way and she was off.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 380
Word Count 792

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