Attack of the Monster Pumpkin

“That’s the smallest pumpkin I’ve ever seen!” Shelly said with a laugh. She pointed at Victor’s tiny pumpkin.

Victor’s face turned red. He really wanted to beat Shelly in the pumpkin contest. It would be held at the Halloween party the next day.

“I’m totally going to win now,” Shelly said as she left Victor’s laboratory. “You spend too much time fiddling with potions and gadgets to grow anything good.”

She pushed a cart that carried a huge pumpkin.

“This isn’t over, Shelly!” Victor shouted.

Victor held his tiny pumpkin. It was too late to grow a bigger one. And it wasn’t even sunny outside. In fact, it looked like a storm was coming.

“That gives me an idea,” Victor said. “A great idea!”

That night, Victor mixed a potion and poured it over the pumpkin. It started to glow.

“Now all I need is power!” he said. He stuck wires into the pumpkin. The wires ran up to the ceiling and attached to a metal rod at the top of his tower.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 430
Word Count 547

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