Ava the Tooth Fairy

It was Thursday. Snack time for grade K.

Aiden had an apple. He took a bite. His front tooth wiggled.

Aiden was about to lose his first tooth!

Aiden was scared. He didn’t want to lose a tooth.

“When your tooth falls out, the tooth fairy will come,” the teacher said.

Aiden did not want the tooth fairy to come. He didn’t like fairies.

At Fairy Headquarters, it was naptime. The Loose Tooth Alarm rang out. It startled Ava. She fell out of bed.

Captain Penny walked in. “Wake up,” she said. “You’ve got your first tooth!”

Ava jumped up. She put on her uniform and badge.

Captain Penny gave Ava a sheet of paper. Penny said, “This is your target.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 310
Word Count 459
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