Baby Sleepyhead Can't Sleep

Baby Sleepyhead could not sleep.

No, she could not sleep at all.

Baby Sleepyhead’s feet were too itchy.

They were so itchy that she called her friend the crocodile. Crocodile scratched her itchy feet with his crocodile skin.

Baby Sleepyhead’s legs were too loosey-goosey.

They were so loosey-goosey that she called the kangaroos. The kangaroos hopped up and down around her loosey-goosey legs.

Baby Sleepyhead’s tummy was too rumbly.

It was so rumbly that it shook the whole crib. She called her friend the lion. The lion had a roaring contest with her rumbly tummy.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 490
Word Count 273
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