Balto returned after a day of delivering cargo across Alaska. When the sled driver unhitched him, a hungry and tired Balto went to the kennel to get something to eat.

“How was pulling cargo all day?” laughed the other dogs. They weren’t used for cargo; they were fast and had more important jobs.

Balto hung his head. The faster dogs always made fun of him.

“Don’t listen to them,” Togo said. Togo was the best, fastest sled dog of all time. “They might be quick, but they have a lot to learn about leading a team.”

Halfway through dinner, the door to the kennel flew open and a man in furs stepped inside.

“Time to go, Togo!” he called. “I need the fastest team possible!”

Togo chose his team. Balto watched as Togo led his team into the cold night.

Days passed before the sled returned. All the other dogs came out as Togo led his team toward the kennel. Their fur was covered in ice and they looked exhausted.

“Where have you been?” Balto asked.

“We went to fetch medicine for an epidemic in Nome,” Togo said. “Children are sick, and they need our help.”

Balto saw that the sled driver was carrying a box marked “SERUM.”

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Lexile Score 520
Word Count 731

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