Bamboo Princess

Long ago and far away, an old woodcutter lived with his wife. Though they loved each other very much, they had never been blessed with children.

The man worked hard each day in the bamboo forest. He toiled to provide his wife with all she could want. But he knew her true desire was to have a child of her own.


One day while working, the woodcutter saw a bright light. It was streaming from a hollow in a bamboo’s stem.

Inside the stem was a tiny creature, a beautiful baby girl, just three inches tall.


The woodcutter knew at once that the child had been sent to him and his wife to love as their own. He tenderly wrapped up the sleeping baby and carried her home.

The woodcutter’s wife was overjoyed at the sight of her beautiful daughter. They named the child Princess Bamboo.


In time, Princess Bamboo grew into a woman so lovely, it was as though the room lit up whenever she entered.

News of her kindness and beauty spread, and soon she had many men seeking her hand in marriage. But Princess Bamboo had no wish to leave the loving couple that had raised her.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 780
Word Count 708

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