Billy Beedle Superhero

“Watch your grandparents while I am out, ok Billy?” Mom said.

“But they are so boring. I want to play superheroes,” little Billy Beedle cried.

“Maybe they will play too,” Mom said.

“Yeah right,” Billy sighed.

Billy dropped his laser launcher. He moped as he walked into the living room.

“All they do is watch TV and sleep,” Billy grumbled. “Boring! Boring! Boring!”

Pops sat in his chair. He was wearing his same old boring robe with his same old boring slippers.

He was watching his same old boring TV show. His head bounced up as he fell in and out of sleep.

Billy sat on the couch next to Gran. She was reading her boring old book.

“It doesn’t even have any pictures,” Billy thought.

Billy sighed.

“What’s wrong, dearie?” Gran asked.

“Nothing,” Billy said.

“Spill it, kid!” Gran said.

“Being a Beedle is boring,” Billy said.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 380
Word Count 579
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