Bounce and the Crystal Orb

Skyport One was shaking. It felt like an earthquake! Which was weird, because Skyport One floated in the air.

In the Fuel Stop, engine parts flew off of the shelves. Bounce covered his head with an oil pan. “What’s happening?” he cried.

Bounce dodged a falling propeller. “I’m going to see what’s causing this.”

Skyla had been repairing Bounce’s streaker. She rolled out from underneath it. “I’m coming, too.” She turned to the shop’s repair robot. “Wingnut, watch the place!”

Bounce rolled his eyes. “I can go alone.”

Skyla scowled. “Hey! I’ve gotten you out of trouble before. We make a good team!”

Bounce sighed. “Oh, all right. Come on!”

Bounce and Skyla followed the shaking to an area behind Amelia’s Emporium. Bounce’s pet pig, Pogi, followed along.

The rocks wiggled back and forth in the clearing. “There must be something going on under this spot,” Bounce said.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 380
Word Count 570

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