Bounce's First Delivery

Bounce was just about to bite into his pizza at the Fly ‘n’ Dine when Grandpa came in.

“Admiral Delivery has another job!” Grandpa said. “Time to get back to work!”

Bounce dropped his pizza. He was excited about the job. “What is it?” he asked. “Is it something cool like streaker parts?”

“No,” Grandpa said. “It’s a crate of Super Elastic Stretch Bands from Amelia’s Emporium.”

“That’s not exciting!” Bounce complained.

“Well, we do have one other important delivery,” Grandpa said. He gave Bounce a small box.

“This can’t be important,” Bounce muttered. “It’s too small.”

“It’s very important,” Grandpa said. “Now off you go.”

Two Gremmies had been listening at the window.

“We need to get that package!” one Gremmie whispered. “He said it’s important.”

“I bet it’s the crystal our Boss is looking for!” said the other.

Out on the runway, Bounce got his streaker ready for flight.

“Oink, Oooiiink!” Pogi squealed.

Bounce looked at his pet pig. “Okay, you can come too,” he said.

Bounce loaded the crate of stretch bands onto his streaker. He threw the small box on top.

Bounce jumped on his flyer. “Let’s go Pogi!” The pair took off into the air.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 450
Word Count 652

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