Captain Patch and the Pirate Games

Captain Patch waited on the beach. He and his crew were close to winning first place in the Pirate Games.

They only had one more team to beat: Brown Beard the Bully and his crew.

Brown Beard was the meanest pirate on the seven seas.

“You’ll never beat us,” Brown Beard said, smiling at Patch.

“You’ll never beat us,” screeched Brown Beard’s parrot, copying the mean pirate.

Patch shook his fist at Brown Beard. “We’ll see about that,” he said.

The first event was to find a buried treasure chest. The judges gave each team a map.

Brown Beard looked at the map and led his crew down the beach.

Patch read out the map’s clues to his crew.

“Sugar, flour, a cup of milk...,” Patch read out loud. “Hey! This isn’t a map! It’s a cookie recipe!”

Someone had stolen their map!

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 560
Word Count 636

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