Donkey and Mule Go to the Fair

Little Donkey was so excited. He was helping his friend, Mule, carry fireworks to the fair.

“What will we see at the fair?” Donkey asked. “Please tell me again.”

“There are rides that will make your ears fly in all directions,” Mule said. “There’s also tasty food and fireworks.”

Donkey could hardly wait. He had never seen fireworks light up the sky.

“Will the yellow fireworks be as bright as those flowers?” he asked Mule.

“Yes,” said Mule. “And the red ones will shine like berries. The green ones will be as bright as the leaves on the trees.”

“Will there be blue ones, too?” Donkey asked.

“Yes! Pretty blue ones, like that bird!” said Mule. He pointed to a blue jay on a nearby branch. The bird began to sing, and Mule whistled along. Donkey whistled too.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 450
Word Count 479
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