Faruz and the Dragons

Faruz couldn’t keep his eyes off the pie that sat on the counter. It smelled so good.

“I will just take one piece,” Faruz said licking his lips.

“It isn’t yours to take,” his little sister said. “That would be stealing and stealing is wrong.”

Faruz knew his sister was right but he ignored her. He snatched the pie and ran out the door.

“Thief!” cried the innkeeper. “Come back with my pie!”

The town guards heard the shout and were chasing Faruz. Faruz ducked into a cave to hide.

He was safe. Faruz leaned back to relax and eat his pie. To his surprise, the cave wall crumbled behind him!

Faruz rolled backward and fell through a hole. He bounced off a boulder and then hit the ground.

Two big eyes peered down at Faruz. Teeth glowed in the dark. Then a mouth blew a stream of flame.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 370
Word Count 581

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