Farzan and the Three Gifts

A young man named Farzan left home and was seeking his fortune in the world. He had not gone far when he saw three brothers arguing.

“Help us,” the men shouted to Farzan.

When he approached, they told him that their father had died and had left them three things.

The first was a sword that cuts through anything.

The second was a turban that makes the wearer invisible.

The third was a carpet that magically takes the person who sits on it to any location he wishes.

The three could not decide how to divide the items between them. “I will be glad to help you,” Farzan said. “But I must try each item to see if you’ve told me the truth.”

Farzan swung the sword at a large rock. Its blade easily cut through the hard surface.

“Now let me see the carpet and the turban,” Farzan said.

He put on the turban. He became invisible!

With the turban on his head and the sword in his hand, Farzan sat on the carpet. He wished to go to a place where the brothers could not find him.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 590
Word Count 685

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