Ganesh's Great Battle

One day, the goddess Parvati wanted to be alone in her house to take a bath. She sent the bull, Nandi, to guard the door.

“Do not let anyone in,” she commanded. “Not even my husband, the Lord Shiva!”

Before long, Shiva strode right through the door. “How did you get in?” Parvati asked.

“Nandi is my servant,” Shiva said, smiling. “He’ll do whatever I say. He won’t stop me from entering my own home!”

Parvati realized that her husband was right. “I need someone who is loyal to me alone.”

So Parvati used her powers to create a special boy.

“Take this, my son,” Parvati said, giving him a club. “You are to guard the door and let no one in. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mother,” the brave boy replied. “I won’t let anyone disturb you.”

Later that day, Shiva returned home with a troop of loyal guards.

The boy held up his hand and blocked Shiva’s way. “You cannot enter. My mother, Parvati, wishes to be left alone.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 480
Word Count 597

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