Gavin Goose Gets Lost

Gavin is a goose. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, but flies every year to San Diego and back with his gaggle. Griffin Goose is the gaggle’s migration captain, and Gavin’s uncle.

“It’s time to head out,” Griffin announced to the gaggle. “On to all points north!”

“Ugh!” sighed Gavin. “Can’t we just stay here where it’s nice and warm, Uncle G?”

“It’s ‘captain’ to you when we’re migrating,” Griffin replied. “And, no. We cannot. It gets too hot in San Diego and we must go home!”

“But I hate migrating,” Gavin whined. “It’s so boring! There’s nothing to do but fly and look at clouds.”

“Maybe you should get your beak out of the clouds and – ” Griffin was cut off by the loud sound of honking coming from the gaggle. The flock was already taking off!

“Hey! I’m your captain,” Griffin yelled. “Wait for me!” He started to chase the gaggle.

As Griffin raced off, Gavin looked down and saw something shiny on the ground. He waddled over and saw that it was Griffin’s prized captain’s badge.

“Uncle G!” Gavin called. But when he looked up, Griffin was gone. So was the gaggle. In the sky, Gavin saw a faint V-shape fading over the horizon.

Gavin panicked. How would he get home? He knew he was supposed to go north, but Griffin wasn’t there to guide him.

Gavin flew around, scared, for hours. He finally landed near some funny looking birds at the San Diego Zoo.

“You look lost,” said a bird. “Can I help you? My name is Floyd Flamingo.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 480
Word Count 800

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