Growling About the Power

Deep in the forest near a blue lake, there lived a group of animals. They loved to spend their mornings playing in the water. In the afternoons, they took naps in the shade.

But they had important work to do too.

Bear had an itchy back. He spent hours each day scratching it against trees.

Boar was always busy looking for food. He loved to eat roots. To find them, he had to dig deep in the dirt with his nose.

Deer had beautiful antlers. But taking care of them was hard work. He rubbed his antlers on branches to keep them clean and shiny.

Squirrel had the most work of all. After he collected acorns, he had to crack open their hard shells with his teeth.

Everything changed when Owl came to the lake with his tools. “I can save you a lot of time when you do chores,” he told them.

“How?” Bear asked.

“I can build you machines that will be powered by the water,” Owl said. “The machines will do all of your work.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 530
Word Count 576

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