Humza's First Case

Hassan and Ali were merchants and friends who lived in Baghdad. One day, Ali was leaving for a long journey.

Ali said to Hassan, “I am leaving this jar of olives with you. Hidden inside is my life’s savings. Please keep it safe while I am away.”

“I will, my friend,” Hassan replied.

Ali was gone for many years and Hassan assumed his friend was not coming back. “Ali is gone forever,” he thought. “He would not mind if I took his money.”

So Hassan opened the olive jar and removed the gold. He refilled the jar with fresh olives to hide the theft.

To Hassan’s great surprise, Ali returned the next morning. “I trust you held my gold for me,” Ali said to Hassan as he opened the olive jar. He was enraged to find only olives and no gold.

Ali went straight to the Caliph, telling everyone along the way about Hassan’s theft.

The Caliph was a wise and just ruler. He decided to hold a trial. But he was not sure how he would uncover the truth.

The Caliph decided to walk through the city streets the night before the trial. He wore a disguise to avoid attracting attention.

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Lexile Score 640
Word Count 655
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