Ivan and the Green Man

A father and his young son, Ivan, were traveling through the forest. A green old man suddenly appeared on the path.

“Hello, sir,” the father said. “We are seeking a place where my son can be an apprentice and learn a trade.”

“I’ll take him,” said the green man. “Return in one year. If you can choose him from among my other apprentices, he can go home.

If you can’t pick him out,” the green man said, “he is mine for a second year.”

The father agreed. He was sure he could pick out his son.

The green man took Ivan to a green house in a green country. The green man lived in the house with his green wife, two green daughters, and a green dog.

During the year, the green man taught Ivan much magic. Ivan learned quickly.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 530
Word Count 555

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