Jack the Dolphin

Jack was a dolphin. He playfully swam with his parents every day.

They traveled all over the world together. One day, Jack and his family visited New Zealand.


Jack’s dad warned him to avoid the long strait between the two islands. “The waves there are very strong,” his dad said. “It is very dangerous.”

Jack saw a yummy squid swim into the strait. “It doesn’t look that bad to me,” Jack said. He followed the squid.


In the strait, the water quickly changed. The current was very strong. It pushed Jack this way and that.

He swam as hard as he could, but he knew he had made a mistake. The current pushed him into a rock.


Jack awoke on a sandy beach. The sun was high and hot. Jack had washed up on shore. He was too weak to flip back into the ocean.

A young man named George saw the beached dolphin.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 510
Word Count 545

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