Kira and the Baba Yaga

Kira was a nice little girl who lived with her dad and evil stepmother.

“I want to make you a dress,” said the stepmother. “Go to my sister’s for a needle and thread.”

Kira put on her jacket and started walking down the road.

Kira stopped at the house of a neighbor. This neighbor knew Kira’s dad well. Kira told her where she was going.

“You must be careful,” said the neighbor. “The woman you are going to visit is a Baba Yaga. She is a witch.”

The neighbor gave Kira bacon, rolls, goose grease, and ribbon.

“What are these for?” Kira asked.

“You will know what to do with them,” said the neighbor. “They will protect you from the Baba Yaga.”

Kira hugged the neighbor. Clutching her supplies, Kira walked to the home of the Baba Yaga.

She came to a hut perched on chicken legs. A woman sat out front weaving.

Kira was scared, but polite. “Good morning,” Kira said.

“Hello,” cackled the bony legged woman.

“Mom sent me for a needle and thread,” Kira said.

“I will get them for you,” said the old woman.

The woman went inside. She told her maid, “I’m going to eat that girl. Get her ready.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 410
Word Count 653

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