Little Ida's Flowers

Little Ida was sad.

“Yesterday my flowers were so pretty,” she said. “But now all the leaves are drooping.”

“Why do they look so awful today?” she asked her cousin Hans.


Hans looked at her. “Don’t you know?” Hans said. “The flowers hang their heads because they are tired. They were up late last night dancing at a ball.”

“Flowers can’t dance,” Ida said.

“They can, and do! They dance every night after we go to bed,” Hans replied.


Ida giggled.

“The roses wear golden crowns. The violets and pansies dance and dance. The flowers talk and laugh all night long,” Hans continued.


Little Ida looked doubtful. “Flowers cannot talk,” she said.

Hans shook his head. “They do. When the wind blows the flowers nod to each other. They whisper secrets to one another,” Hans said. Then he said goodnight. “Sweet dreams, Little Ida.”


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 390
Word Count 493

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