Magnifico's Magical Parakeets

Magnifico the Great had a very busy magic shop. One day he decided to hire an assistant. Two young magicians, Brian and Sally, both applied for the job.

“I have only one job to fill,” Magnifico said. “So I have a test that will help me decide which one of you I should hire.”


Magnifico pulled two bird cages out of his hat. Each cage held a parakeet. One bird was yellow and the other was blue.

“Each of you will care for one of these birds for a week,” Magnifico said. “The one who does the best job will be my new assistant. Whatever happens, do not lose your bird.”


Brian took home the yellow parakeet. He named the bird Charlie. He fed him and let him fly around the house to get exercise. He even used him to practice disappearing bird tricks.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 540
Word Count 436

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