Miss Applebottom

Miss Applebottom is known for many things. She is known for her red hair, her red cheeks, and her red sweater.

And, of course, everyone knows that she LOVES apples!

“There is nothing more delish,
than a Braeburn or a Honey Crisp!”

Now, each of Miss Applebottom’s students wanted to be her favorite. So each day every student brought her a tasty apple.

At first Miss Applebottom lined up the apples in a row.

“Line them up all in a row.
Apples are the best, you know!”

Soon the apples covered her entire desk. So the students piled them into the coat closet. Then the students piled them on the floor.

“Put them in a great big pile.
I’ll eat them up with a great big smile!”

Miss Applebottom stacked the piles, one on top of the other. The stacks of apples grew and grew. They grew until the students could not even enter their classroom!

“This pile of apples just grew and grew.
But I know exactly what to do!”

“We’ll make my favorite: apple pie!
They’ll be enough for us all to try!

We’ll make apple cider, juice, and punch.
We’ll have sliced apples with our lunch.

We’ll eat these apples one by one.
We’ll eat these apples until the day is done!”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 500
Word Count 672

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