Molly Marigold

Molly moaned, “But mom Ella and Sidra tease me all the time!”

“It’s a community camping trip. You’re going,” her mom said.

Molly grumbled, sighed, and then got ready.

You see, Molly was a Marigold Girl, a good one, too! She sold more cookies and earned more badges than anyone in her troop. Yet, every day while walking home, Sidra and Ella teased her.

“Molly Molly Marigold, smelly and stinky. Run home fast and find your binky!” the girls sang.

Molly wanted to snap back. But she remembered Marigold Girl Rule Number 1: Always take the high road.

On the day of the trip, Molly had a plan: A. Follow Marigold Girl rules. B. Hide!

Molly hiked at the back of the line. When the group rested at the river, she hid behind a bush. When they stopped for lunch, she crawled up a tree.

But Sidra and Ella found her anyway.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 490
Word Count 450

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