Nicky's Magic Pillow

Ever since Nicky moved into her new apartment, she had bad dreams.

When she moved, she had to leave a lot behind: clothes, toys, and friends. Worst of all, she had to leave her dog Button. Nicky had never had bad dreams when Button slept with her. She had felt safe with Button.

Now, every night, Nicky trembled underneath her blankets. She was afraid to go to sleep.

Some nights, Nicky dreamt about a wicked witch. Other nights, she dreamt about terrifying monsters. She once had a dream about an evil troll.

One day, Nicky was walking home from her new school. She yawned and sighed. She was so tired. It had been weeks since she had had a good night’s sleep.

Just then, she noticed a shop she had never seen before.

The shop was sandwiched between a bakery and a post office. It looked ordinary enough.

The sign on the window read:
Mr. Morphy’s Magical Pillowtorium
Sweet dreams guaranteed.

Nicky was skeptical, but she was tired of having bad dreams so she stepped inside.

Right away Nicky knew the store was anything but ordinary. Stacks of pillows of all shapes, sizes, and colors reached up to the ceiling. An old man wearing pajama’s greeted her.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 510
Word Count 742

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