Opossum and the Search for Fire

Long ago, there were two small villages in Mexico.

In one lived people who were kind and gentle.

The people of the other village were greedy and cruel.

The cruel villagers were not kind to the animals. They would hunt Coyote, Monkey, Iguana and Opossum.

But, the kind villagers loved animals and nature.
Coyote, Monkey, Iguana, and Opossum lived happily among the friendly villagers.

But the people of both villages lived a hard life. They did not know how to make fire.

Without fire, the winter nights were long and cold.

Then one night there was a great storm. A lightning bolt shot from the sky! It hit a tree near the village with the greedy people. It started a fire.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 510
Word Count 460

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