Orphan Jean and the Bull Man

Long ago, in New Orleans, a widow lived in a beautiful home. In a nearby orphanage, lived a boy named Jean. The widow invited him to stay at her house.

She was kind to the child. She made sure that he had plenty to eat and that his chores weren’t too hard. Jean was polite and bright. The widow grew to like him very much.

The widow was pretty and wealthy. Many men wanted to marry her. One of the men who liked her was Mr. Bulbul. He was a handsome man with a fine, deep voice.

Mr. Bulbul often had dinner with the widow. She seemed to like him more than the other men. Jean did not like Mr. Bulbul, but he couldn’t explain why.

“Perhaps one day I will marry Mr. Bulbul and he will be your master,” the widow said. “What will you do then?”

“I will run away,” Jean said, sadly.

“You better learn to like him,” the widow said angrily.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 520
Word Count 484

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