Penguin Goes to the Summer Games

Animals from around the world had come to compete in the Summer Games.

Eagles flew from the forests. Otters swam from lakes and rivers. Zebras ran from the fields and plains.

Penguin had come the farthest of all. His home was at the bottom of the world. It was always cold and snowy there.

After the long trip, Penguin was ready to win some trophies!

“I’m strong! I’m fast! I’m sleek!” Penguin said, dancing.

A pretty seagull walked by. Penguin flexed his tiny muscles.

The seagull kept walking.

The first event was weight lifting. Penguin tried to lift the heavy weights with his skinny little wings.

He fell over. His feet flopped in the air.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 400
Word Count 406
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