Peter Pan 1: Wendy Goes to Neverland

Wendy woke up when she heard the door to her dresser slam shut. She opened her eyes and saw a funny little boy sitting on the floor of her bedroom. A fairy sat on his shoulder.

“I lost my shadow,” the boy said. He held up his shadow and a bar of soap. “Can you help me? It won’t stay on.”

Wendy hopped out of bed. “Well, you can’t stick it on with that! Soap is slippery!” She got glue from her desk and gave it to the little boy.

He spread some glue on his shadow and then stuck it to his body. “Perfect, thanks! My name is Peter Pan,” he said. “And this is my fairy, Tinker Bell.”

Wendy introduced herself, too.

“You know, Wendy, we could use someone like you back where I live,” Peter said. “You should come with me to Neverland!”

“Neverland? I have never heard of a place called Neverland,” Wendy said. “How do we get there?”

“Like this!” Peter said. He sprinkled her with fairy dust. Wendy rose into the air. Peter pulled her out the window and over the city.

Wendy, Peter, and Tinker Bell flew across London, then over the rest of England. Finally, the ocean was the only thing below them.

A small speck on the water grew into an island. “Neverland!” Peter cheered. They soared towards it.

Wendy heard yelling in the forest. Peter flew right at it. A group of boys was fighting with a gang of burly pirates. “My friends are battling Captain Hook and his crew!” Peter said.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 530
Word Count 858
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