Pinocchio Comes to Life

The true story of how Pinocchio came to life starts with a magical piece of wood.

It was not an expensive piece of wood. It wasn’t even special to look at. This piece could have been a log for the fire.

The wood belonged to a carpenter, Mastro Cherry. People called him that because he had a cherry-red nose. He wanted to make something with the wood. But when he picked up his hammer, the wood started to talk!

“Please, don’t hit me,” the wood cried out. Mastro Cherry jumped back. Wood wasn’t supposed to talk!

After a few moments, Mastro Cherry calmed down. He walked around the wood again and again, thinking.

Then, he knew what to do. He would take the wood to his friend, the toymaker Gepetto.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 560
Word Count 441

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