Pocahontas: The Girl Who Saved Jamestown

“Pocahontas, you’re a Powhatan. They are not. They are nothing like us!” her father, Chief Powhatan, scolded. “They are dangerous!”

Pocahontas tried to explain, “They need our help.”

“No more!” her father demanded.

Since the colonists arrived, the Powhatan tribe had been on guard.

But Pocahontas wanted to meet the colonists. She didn’t care if they didn’t look or act like her. It was fun to make new friends.

“If only I could show you that we’re all the same,” Pocahontas whispered.

But her father wasn’t listening. There was great change happening around their tribe and his people were scared.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 430
Word Count 358

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