Popcorn Dragon

Once, near a village called Buttery Glen, there lived a dragon. He was the color of midnight. He was huge and covered in sharp, pointy scales. The fire he breathed could light up the night sky.

He lived in a nest high above the village in an old, dead tree.

The villagers of Buttery Glen told many tales about the fearsome dragon.

In one story, the dragon burned the castle to the ground . . . just because he could.

Everyone in Buttery Glen was scared of the dragon . . . everyone but one precocious girl.

Elizabeth was twelve years old. She wanted to be a knight. She was strong and brave and unafraid.

Sure, the dragon breathed fire. But there were people with worse breath. And sure, the Dragon looked scary. But there were dogs in the village with scarier faces.

One day, the warning bells rang in Buttery Glen. The dragon had come down from his nest and was hiding in the cornfields.

Everyone ran down into the cellars to escape the dragon. Everyone, except for Elizabeth.

Armed with a wooden sword and a helmet and shield, Elizabeth ran swiftly through the deserted village toward the cornfield.

When she spotted the dragon, Elizabeth snuck up behind him.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 520
Word Count 766

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