Presidents in Space

President George Washington was sitting at his desk when a messenger arrived with a letter.

“That’s the symbol of Zylon,” Washington said. He opened it at once.

Zylon was a far away planet. The aliens who lived there were colonists, just like the Americans had been.

They wanted their freedom from the Bodian Empire. They needed help if they were going to defeat the powerful empire.

“Jefferson! Lincoln!” Washington called. “We need to go help the Zylonian colonists. Get your weapons.”

Thomas Jefferson grabbed his golden Quill of Truth. Abraham Lincoln took his bronze Axe of Freedom. And Washington donned his silver Sword of Justice.

“Ready,” Lincoln called. “Let’s go!”

The three Presidents stepped onto a platform.

They were instantly transported to the planet Zylon.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 480
Word Count 610

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