Princess for a Day

“Jane, come see what I made,” yelled Jane’s Mom from the backyard.

Jane stepped outside. Her mom was an inventor. She had built a catapult and was using it to launch piles of dirty clothes into the laundry room.

“Whoa!” said Jane, “That is so cool!”

Jane examined the catapult. Every bolt, hinge, and lever was expertly placed.

“Would you like me to show you how to build a catapult?” asked Jane’s Mom.

“Could we play Princesses instead?” Jane replied.

“Sure,” said Mom with a smile. She knew she wouldn’t be able to change Jane’s mind.

Jane loved playing Princesses. It was her favorite thing to do. Jane adored dressing up in pretty outfits and having tea parties.

Jane wished, more than anything, that she could be a real princess.

The next morning, Jane woke up feeling like she had slept on a cloud.

She rubbed her eyes and looked around. This was not her room! This was not her bed! And this was definitely not her house!

Jane was in a castle, and she was a real princess! Her wish had come true!

Jane began her first day as a real princess by putting on her royal gown. There were so many layers and ties. It took thirty minutes just to put it on!

Once dressed, Jane went to the drawing room where the other princesses were having tea.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 520
Word Count 770

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