Princess Penny

Princess Penny woke in her bed. She yawned and opened her eyes.

“Time to wake up, sisters,” she said.

She went to turn down their covers. But her sisters were gone!

Penny ran to the window. Fresh snow lay on the ground.

“They did not come back from the woods yet,” Penny said. “They must need help!”

Penny grabbed her cloak and a lantern.

Penny ran outside and into the woods. Her soft steps were muffled in the new snow. Soon, she heard the soft patter of paws.

The Great White Wolf crept out from behind a tree. The wolf was very beautiful. Her fur was white. Her eyes were yellow.

“Why have you come to my forest?” the wolf asked.

“Hello, Great White Wolf,” Princess Penny began. “I am looking for my sisters. Have you seen them?”

“Yes, I have,” said the Wolf. “Last night, they came this way. I will help you search.”

They walked on and came to a cave. Two small bear cubs tried to stay warm next to a fading fire.

“Bears can harm you,” said the Wolf. “Let’s run away before their mother returns.”

“No,” said Penny. “I will help them.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 400
Word Count 591

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