Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

Deep in Sherwood Forest lived a hero named Robin Hood.

He and his band of Merry Men were known for their good deeds and for helping the poor.

Robin Hood was also the best archer in all of England.

The Sheriff of Nottingham did not like Robin Hood. “He is a thief!” the Sheriff shouted. “He must be arrested!”

“But he tricks us every time,” said a guard.

“Not this time,” said the Sheriff. “I have a plan.”

“We will hold an archery contest,” said the Sheriff. “Robin Hood will not be able to resist. We will arrest him when he comes. We will show the people how we deal with outlaws!”

The archery contest was arranged. The winner would get a golden arrow and the title of Master Archer of England.

Messengers were sent throughout the land to tell the people about the contest.

One day, a messenger arrived at Robin Hood’s camp in Sherwood Forest.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 540
Word Count 606

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