Sam and the Bully

It was a warm spring day. Sam was up to bat.

“You can do it, Sam!” Grammy called from the stands.

Sam was nervous. “If I strike out we lose the game,” he thought.

Sam stepped up to the plate. The ball came whizzing at him. Sam closed his eyes and swung.

“Strike one!” called the umpire.

“Hey stupid, open your eyes when you swing!” called Timmy. Timmy was the best ball player on Sam’s team. But Timmy was mean to Sam.

The ball came flying at Sam again. It moved so fast, Sam could not keep his eye on the ball.

“Strike two!” called the umpire.

“Last chance,” called Timmy. “Don't mess it up, stupid!”

Sam took a deep breath. He gripped the bat and dug his foot into the ground. The ball came flying. Sam swung the bat with all his might.

“Strike three! You’re out!” said the umpire.

Sam’s team lost the game.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 300
Word Count 458

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