Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a princess named Rose was born.

The king and queen held a great feast to celebrate her birth. The entire kingdom, including Rose’s four fairy godmothers, came to the castle for the grand event.

The fairy godmothers presented gifts to Rose. “My gift is a kind heart,” said the first.

“Mine is the gift of a playful spirit,” said the second fairy godmother.

“Mine is the gift of wisdom,” said the third.

Suddenly, a great crash of thunder erupted in the sky. The doors to the hall burst open. In stepped the evil empress, who ruled the dark forest outside the kingdom.

“It seems you forgot to invite me,” the empress scolded the king and queen. “No matter. I have my own gift for the sweet princess.”

The empress walked to the crib and looked down at the sleeping baby. “Yes, princess. You will grow up to be kind and playful and wise. But in your eighteenth year you will prick your finger on a spinning wheel and fall dead.”

The thunder crashed again, and the evil empress disappeared.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 650
Word Count 693
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