The Crow Family Picnic

“We’re going on a picnic,” said Pa Crow one sunny day. All three Crow kids cheered.

“What should we pack in our picnic basket?” asked Ma Crow.

“Fruit and sandwiches,” said little Jenny.

“Cookies and pie!” cried Nate and Sammy.

Sammy was a very strong bird. He carried the basket of food.

Nate was a very clever bird. He used a map to lead them to the picnic spot.

Jenny was a sharp-eyed bird. She made the trip fun by pointing out sights along the way.

The Crow family was happy when they reached the picnic spot. But they were thirsty.

“Ma, can we please have a drink?” asked Sammy.

“Oh no!” said Ma. “We remembered fruit and sandwiches. We remembered cookies and pie. But we forgot drinks!”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 410
Word Count 342
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