The Fairy Princess Test

“Time to go!” yelled Mia’s Mom. Today was the big test. If Mia passed, she’d be crowned a fairy princess!

Mia ran downstairs. Her pink hair was a mess and her socks didn’t match.

“I’m ready!” said Mia, proudly.

Mia got to school just in time. She stood next to Violet. Violet’s purple hair was smooth and silky. She wore a fancy dress and fancy shoes.

“You look nice,” Mia said to Violet.

“You don’t,” said Violet, rudely.

Miss Jennie explained the test. “The fairy that exhibits the most princess-like qualities will be crowned,” she said.

“Good luck,” Mia said to Violet.

“You’ll need it more than me,” replied Violet.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 390
Word Count 334
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